Practice Areas


Taxes are inevitable. Let someone with extensive tax experience help you and your business get back on top of your taxes. I will take care of the phone calls and letters so you can get back to what you do best. As a local West Jordan tax attorney, we can help you take care of your tax debt!

  • Settlement Offers
  • Payment Plans
  • Audits
  • Non-Profits
  • State Agencies
  • IRS

Business and Tax Attorney

Many business owners excel at what they do, but the day-to-day operations often get less attention than they require. I will work diligently to collect overdue accounts, work with DOPL licensing regulations, and advocate for you in any litigation matter your company faces.  A lawyer can help you get in compliance and stay in compliance, so you can focus on whats important to you. 

  • Collections
  • Formation
  • DOPL Licensing
  • Litigation


 A criminal conviction, especially a felony, can impact every area of your life. Background checks have become common for everything from getting a job to getting an apartment. The legislature has supplied you with a way to get rid of old criminal convictions that are holding you back, why not use it? Let's look at your criminal record and find the best solution to either expunge or reduce your criminal record so you don't have to worry about background checks in the future. We are centrally located in West Jordan so its convenient to talk to a lawyer about your expungement. 

  • Expungements
  • Felony Reductions
  • Pardons


Life is unpredictable. Changes in employment, living situations, family or your health can cause financial stress. Bankruptcy is a tool created to help you lift the financial pressure and focus on what's really important. As a West Jordan Lawyer, we can help!